Camp in a Box

Welcome to Rip Van Winkle Council's 2021 Camp-in-a-Box

2021 Camp-in-a-Box registration includes:

- Registration for up to 5 Merit Badges (or up to 3 Merit Badges and our First Year Camper Experience (Skills covering ranks Scout through 1st Class))

- Free Camp-in-a-Box T-shirt

- Free Camp-in-a-Box Patch

- A box with various surprise goodies

- Live demos

- Guest Speakers

- Opening and Closing Campfires with songs and skits run by Staff and Scouts

- And much much more


How Camp-in-a-Box Works

- 5 to 7 days before each Camp-in-a-Box week, your scout will receive an invite to a Google Classrom for each merit badge course they are registered in. You scout will then need to click on the links in order to accept entry into each of those courses/classes. It is in those Google Classroom's that they will interact with their course's Merit Badge Counselor, as well as the other scouts in that class. Unless you are ok with your scout logging in and using your e-mail address, it is imperitive that you include your scout's email address in their profile when registering in Tentaroo. It is also important that your scout's name be labled on their e-mail accounts. If their name is not labled on their e-mail accounts, the counselor will not know who to give credit to, for each completed requirement.

- Meanwhile, we will mail you a box that will contain your free shirt, patch, goodies, as well as your Basketry MB Kit and Indian Lore MB Kit (if you registered for either of those two merit badges)

- Sunday night of your week, we will have an opeing campfire with songs, skits and information on the upcoming week. Friday night's we will have a closing campfire with more songs and skits, and a farewell from our staff. You will get an e-mail sent to you with the Zoom link for these campfires

- During the week, we will have guest speakers and demonstrations on various topics. You will get an e-mail sent to you with the Zoom link for these events as well.


Below you will find:

- Links to see each Merit Badge Class's seating availability by week. This can help your scout plan out their week before beginning the registration process.

- LInks for registration: Each week is $95/scout with a discounted price of $80/scout for additional weeks. Thats the same price for in-council and out-of-council scouts! If you joined us last year, you can use your preexsiting login once you hit the registration link, just remember to udate your scout's e-mail address and t-shirt size. For those who are new to Camp-in-a-Box, click on the registration link below, and create a new account on the top of the page that the link leads to. We will need to know your scout's e-mail address, as the courses will be run through our Google Classroom account.

- Our 2021 schedule (Note: Weeks 1 & 3 are the same schedule, and Weeks 2 & 4 are the same schedule

- A list of requirements that cannot be completed online. These requirements will have to be completed beforehand and/or afterwards. Please keep in mind, many pre-requisites require approval from a certified Merit Badge Counselor.


  • 2022 Camp Tr-Mount Camp-in-a-Box
    July 11, 2022 to July 14

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