Webelos to Scout Transition

WEBELOS Scouting prepares boys for the change from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts. While they technically still are members of a Cub Pack, WEBELOS Scouts become more involved in planning their activities, and performance approval begins to move from parents to unit leaders.

The two-year WEBELOS experience is a time of transition from Cub Scouts toward crossing the bridge to membership in a Boy Scout Troop.  First-year activities are directed toward earning the WEBELOS Badge.

WEBELOS II Scouts concentrate on achieving the Arrow of Light.  The prestigious Arrow of Light Badge advances with the Scout and is worn on his Boy Scout uniform.

Leaders and parents who understand the transition role of WEBELOS Scouting help boys have a more positive move from Cub Scouting to a boy-run Troop.  WEBELOS are encouraged to do more hiking and camping.  This often is facilitated by developing a relationship with a Boy Scout troop.

WEBELOS transition involves the Cub Scout Pack, the Boy Scout Troop, the Unit Commissioner, and the District WEBELOS transition Chair.  Each plays an important role in helping the Scout to become aware of the exciting experiences of Boy Scouts, to choose the “right Troop” and to be prepared to make the change from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.